Columns and stuff

Here are my writings about early access games, collected thoughts and rants, that aren't quite reviews


The Death of Adventure Games
The Mobile game dilemma
The Times and Deah of Telltale games
Google - Be Evil

Old Game box art, vol 20
Old Game box art, vol 14

Oh, we'll fix that post launch
The Nature of the beast
Games for my inner masochist
Of fans, trolls, reviews and critics
Of games and movies

Summed thoughts

Sierra Hi-Res series, the conclusion
Collected thoughts about King's Quest-series
Summed thoughts on Police Quest-series


SpaceVenture, where is it now?
SpaceVenture, my biggest Kickstarter disappointment
Torment: Tides of Numenera and the character creation gone wrong
Talk to me, or  communication in crowdfunding


Other stuff

Wet Dreams Don't Dry
Randal's Monday (2014)
A surprise release: Gold Rush! 2
Rogue One (2016)
Star Wars Episode VII
Trailer of the new Ghostbusters movie is kinda bland and boring
There will be a 5th Indian Jones movie
Some thoughts about the hatred of new Ghostbusters
The X-Files is back
Quest For Glory 4: Shadows of Darkness official soundtrack
My Dream about Donald Trump