Joker teaser trailer

One of the best trailers I've seen in years came out recently. The trailer in question being Joker. They call it a teaser trailer, but I can't see how they'd be able to make a trailer any better than this is. And frankly, I do think this is the best trailer they can make for the movie, so WB should really stick with it.

As you might already know, Joker is a movie about the best known Batman villain. It is a one-off movie, where Joaquin Phoenix dons the mask of the psychotic clown prince of crime in order to terror the good folk of Gotham.

What I've seen of the reception for the trailer, it has been tremendously good. A good deal of people have been expecting the movie, but I don't know if anyone really was expecting anything like what this trailer is promising the movie to be.

What really stands out from the trailer is, how different it looks in contrast to any other modern comic book movie, especially ones based on DC or Marvel branding. It is refreshingly different because of its gritty aesthetics drawing from the 1970s movies.

It also helps a lot, that Joaquin Phoenix is the Joker. From the looks of it, he is all in.

It's still early to say if the movie itself ends up being good or not, but judging solely from the trailer, this wasn't something I would have expected from a director of such noted movies as The Hangover-trilogy, Old School and Starsky & Hutch. I don't think I'm the only one blindsided by Todd Phillips' resume.

Here's the trailer for you to judge: