Old game box art, vol. 15

 Alfonso Azpiri is an artist I've presented here before. The previous entry I had from him was Camelot Warriors. Azpiri was a Spanish artist, who did stuff for Heavy Metal-magazine among other things. All the following boxes are his handiwork.

Sirwood (Opera Soft, 1990)

Evildoers of the world have been at it again in this side-scrolling action game. This time around, Arn, a mere shepherd, has to go after a golden shield stolen from his village Nargoot by Amargol, who probably plans on doing all kinds of nasty stuff with it. 

I can only assume, the shirtless stud on the box is Arn, so obviously shepherding is good for your muscle growth. It's probably pretty dull, so he must have had a lot of time to concentrate bulking up. And the blind bugger in the red robe is in all likelihood Amargol. Seem nasty enough to steel golden shields from unsuspecting members of the proletariat.

Jokes aside, this is a pretty great box cover. I suspect it does place expectations on the game, the game can't quite cash, but I do love the comic book style of Azpiri's art. Lovely stuff.

Mega-Corp (Dinamic Software, 1987)

Unlike what you might deduce from the box, Meca-Corp is actually a text adventure game with graphics. With the grumpy sod carrying a lady while shooting some green monsters, I was at first certain it would be one of those ever so popular 1980s sidescrolling shooters. As it is a text adventure, I doubt it even has that much action in it. Mega-Corp is a Spanish only title, as far I can tell, so I haven't played it myself. The screenshots of it I've seen don't look half bad either, despite its DOS version sports the ugliest palette ever devised, CGA.

As Mega-Corp is an adventure game, it has a proper story, which is always a good thing. In the future two entities, the Empire and the Federation, are at odds. Megacorps exist to infuse their tentacles into human life as much as possible. You play as an agent, whose task is to guide planet GEA-3 back into the Empire's fold, as it now has a Federal government.  The story setting sounds actually a bit different than what I expected, especially based on the game box. It's a damn shame I don't understand a word of Spanish, as it actually sounds refreshingly different for a sci-fi game. 

Oh well, one can't have everything.

Nonamed (Dinamic Software, 1986)

So, the story of this sidescrolling action game is pretty simple: You are a man, wanting to be a knight in the court of King Abdul Honeickam Gargoi. It's not an easy thing to become a knight though, as there are tests. Deadly tests. Those said tests take place in a castle with No Name! So, get in and get out alive and you'll be a knight.

I have no idea if the game is good or not, but the box art does look fantastic. The colours, the dynamic poses, the sense of peril it has. I do wonder if the game can come even close? I have my doubts.

Based on the YouTube videos, Nonamed is a pretty standard sidescroller. You fight enemies, jump on platforms, climb ropes and do all the other stuff you usually do in a game like this. I guess, there might even be some simplistic puzzles here and there. It's another Spanish only title, but as the game itself seems to be more or less text free, you only have to navigate through the start menu if you do want to give it a go without any skills in the language.