Deliver Us the Moon (2020)

The Sky Is Filled With Ships (1969, Meredith, R., C.)

Leisure Suit Larry - Wet Dreams Dry Twice demo (2020)

Syberia: The World Before - prologue (2020, official release 2021)

Not All Fairy Tales Have Happy Endings (Williams, Ken, 2020)

KAPIA - 3D adventure Kickstarter

Foundation and Empire (Asimov, Isaac, 1952)

Discworld 2: Missing Presumed...!? (aka. Mortality Bytes!, 1996)

The Blues Brothers (1980)

Future Wars: Adventures in Time (1989)

Hypnos, What the Moon Brings, Azathoth (H.P. Lovecraft, 1922)

Discworld (1995)