Boris Karloff's Thriller: Pigeons from Hell

After tackling several weird west themed horror stories by Howard, here's something a bit different, another horror story piece, based on the works of Howard. This time though, it's an adaptation of a story of his, Pigeons from Hell, from an old TV-show, Boris Karloff's Thriller. And, the episode in question is Pigeons from Hell, surprisingly enough.

Before anything else, here's the whole episode, thanks to Youtube. Not uploaded by me.

Now that you've spent 50 or so minutes watching it you probably are ready to hear that I liked it. It's not 100% faithful to the original story, but a good bulk of it has been taken almost directly from it. It changes some of the story and the final conclusion takes some liberties, but still, it is an atmospheric, well directed and acted adaptation.

As in the original story, two men, brothers this time around called Timothy and Johnny Branner, end up spending a night at the old Blassenville manor, where is brutally murdered and turned into a murderous corpse. Again, sheriff Buckner chooses to believe the man, after witnessing some weird goings on in the manor with his own eyes.

The biggest differences are in the details of the story, there are chnages in the family line of the Blassenvilles as is on the relation of the men who stay at the manor. Many of the things that were in the story happen on this adaptation as well, but it adds some new events and shortens the time span of the story, making it take place during the same night. But other than that, the structure is fairly similar.

But the best thing about watching this episode really is, that it made me want to see more episodes from this series.