Mission Asteroid, 3rd alpha release

As far alpha releases go, this is a big one. Not that the game itself is that big, but you can now play it through if bugs won't stop you. So, as far locations go, all the main places are in: the military complex, the hangar and finally, the asteroid itself.

Just like the original game, this is pretty light on puzzles and as such, is a pretty simple experience. The biggest puzzle in the original was to figure out what kind of vocabulary Roberta Williams wanted you to use thanks to a limited parser. Here you can breeze through things with no such worries.

Another change is in the controls, which in my opinion work much better now. The mouse cursor is by default locked to the centre of the screen, but as usual, you can point and click on any hotspot to reveal action icons. If you want to release the mouse lock, press LEFT ALT. Pressing the same again will lock the mouse again, which is handy for looking around.

You can open the inventory by pressing either TAB or middle mouse button. The same keys to close it.

So, to recap:

LEFT ALT = free/lock mouse
TAB or Middle Mouse Button = Open and close inventory
ESC = open main menu

So with that, you can download the alpha from here.