Old Game Box Art, vol. 4

Again I take a glance towards old, almost forgotten art of making actually decent looking game boxes.

Voyager (1989)

Here's another cover for a game I admired from the pages of magazines but never played myself. In all honesty, I don't even rightly know what kind of a game it is beyond it being a 1st person 3D game. You know, with real old, boxy 3D models with no textures. Then again, this was Amiga and Atari ST title and as I didn't have either of those, it's no wonder I never did touch this.

While I haven't played the game myself, a quick glance at the old reviews do seem to be generous, averaging around 8 out of 10, so maybe it is a genuine classic. But I wouldn't know anything about that.

Bob Wakelin is, as far I know, behind this piece, which nicely conveys a sort of a feel of solitude of space travel or something in that vein. This is a scene I can imagine playing out in a movie or a book, showing how during the mundanity of a long trek the traveller might want to take his mind off from the vast emptiness around the ship he's on.

Invanhoe (1990)

Another Amiga/Atari ST title I've not played, but which I saw advertised on the papers. If the game screens are to be trusted, this is a sidescrolling platformer, where you play, I assume, the titular Invahoe. I have no idea if this is even loosely based on the novel by Sir Walter Scott. I'm not shocked if it's not.

The art is again done by Bob Wakelin and is this time around a bit more conventional game art. You have your hero surrounded by the enemies, all ready to lash out at him, while he's in the midst of causing someones head to roll off.

While this isn't the most original piece of fantasy art in the world, I do like this one quite a bit. I recall having this one hanging on my wall at some point. The colours, the composition and the character design all work for me and had I had a computer capable of running this one, I'm sure I would have wanted this.

Movie (1986)

Movie is an isometric adventure game, where you take a role of a PI, looking for a cassette hidden somewhere of a mob hideout. Or that is what MobyGames tells me about the title anyway. Would you be shocked, if I were to say that I haven't played this one either?

Quality wise I do have some issues with this particular piece, as there's just something about the characters that don't sit right with me. But I do like the noirish atmosphere of it and it has a feeling of being ripped directly from a hard-boiled detective movie.

Bob Wakelin was behind this illustration as well. Like I said, not necessarily his greatest image, but at the same time, it is something that catches my eye, me having a great deal of affection towards noir genre in general.

And this is where I conclude this time out. The next time around I try to pick up box art for games I've actually played myself. But, you never know.