Randal's Monday (2014)

Randal's Monday (2014), developed by Nexus Game Studios, published by Daedalic Entertainment

I gave it 20 minutes. I know, not much for a game, but considering it is a comedy game, I think I gave it enough. So this is not a review of a game I've completed, this is a game I uninstalled after 15 minutes because I did not find it funny at all. This is Randal's Monday.

From the get go, Randal's Monday starts by firing the big guns. It does it hardest to make you laugh and I guess, if you find the jokes it has funny, I think you might even end up liking the game. Me, not so much.

The story of Randal's Monday begins from a bar, where he's drinking with his best buddy and his girlfriend, celebrating the fact that they are getting married. There's a lot of chatting here and jokes fly left and right, but the problem is, I found the scene as funny as watching actual drunken people talking to each other. And only people who find that funny are the drunken people talking. After some talking, we see a glorious, closeuĂ„ puking scene, because, of course, we needed to see that.

After all the drunken stupor, the story element of the game manifests itself in a form of a golden ring Randal's friend Matt has found. He plans to give it to his girlfriend as an engagement ring, but as luck has it, Randal gets his hands on it, him being a kleptomaniac and all. This sets up some sort of time space continuum that taps in Randal, in which I assume in some sort of a groundhog day style.

But again, as I said, I didn't really get that far, as, despite the game itself did feel like a competently made game, the humour, the characters and the writing just rubbed me the wrong way from the get go. So I can't really say is the game is any good as far the gameplay and puzzles themselves go, as I just don't feel like trying to play a comedy game I don't find funny.

And that's all I have to say about Randal's Monday, a game I almost ended up playing but didn't. If you want it, it's available for several platforms, including mobile devices. Also at GOG and Steam. Wait for a sale, I say.