A surprise release: Gold Rush! 2

Gold Rush! isn't one of those Sierra titles that ages well. The original game was punishing to a degree of random and the remake was just a clunky thing that didn't alter the archaic mechanics enough to be actually playable in this day and age. So color me surprised, that there's actually a sequel coming to it, cleverly named as Gold Rush! 2.

Name aside, having an official sequel, as the trailer says the original designers were involved. to a game that was already a niche product when it originally came out, is nothing short of amazing. As far I know Gold Rush! is an edutainment title and I've never really seen much of love aimed towards it, so I guess I can't do anything else than to tip my imaginary hat to the devs. Here's hoping this actually pans out for them.

Gold Rush! 2 has been made by the same team that did the remake, so personally, I'm not expecting that much of it. It looks pretty similar to the remake, so I'm expecting a through and through budget release.

Here's a Steam link. Be amazed.