Thimbleweed Park is coming

Thimbleweed Park is coming out on March 30th. It's an adventure game created by one Ron Gilbert, who back in the day created games like the Secret of Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion while he was working at Lucasfilm games division.

A couple of years ago Ron Gilbert decided to Kickstart a retro themed adventure game in order to create an adventure game people often recall the old games were but in reality not quite were. I have no idea if Thimbleweed Park will manage to capture that essence, but I'd recommend anyone interested about game development in general to head out to the official Thimbleweed Park blog, where Ron Gilbert, Gary Winnick and David Fox (all Lucasfilm alumni) have rattled since January of 2015 about how they're creating the game.

As far game development blogs go it's insightful look into a making of a game. In a similar fashion with Double Fines great development documentary that was tied together with Broken Age, Gilbert goes through ups and downs of development process, even answering some of the peoples questions.

So, head here if you're interested about how sausage is made: