Planescape: Torment enhanced edition is coming and I don't know how to feel about that

Why there's a drop shadow on the logo? Originally it looked like it was stamped on the metal and looked far better.

It was expected. Beamdog, the developer that did enhanced editions of Baldur's Gate games, has now officially announced the upcoming release of enhanced edition of one of the greatest CRPG's ever made, Planescape: Torment.

So how's it been enhanced then, I hear you ask, I assume, as that's what I'm asking as well. For starters original designer Chris Avellone has had his hands in it, curating fixes and additions what ever that means. So, yay?

Secondly, there's remastered music, so that's a genuine plus in my book. Those sweet, sweet Mark Morgan tunes. I dig 'em. And it's not a bad thing if they sound even better. More high fidelity comes in with the 4k rebuilt UI.

I admit, I do like how that new UI looks.

And then there's the zoom in and out options, like there was on those Baldur's Gate EE's as well some more quality of life things.

So in the end, we don't really know how much there's going to be changes in the game in terms of new quests or pieces of narrative. Maybe they'll do something about that combat. I don't know. All I know is, that I'm not ready to plunge in before I know more. I mean I can have higher resolution with mods, so why would I pay extra 19 bucks for that?


Here's an official FAQ about the changes:
It does seem that overall the changes to content are pretty minor and that mods will be working as well, if people want to use more extensive story additions.

END EDIT-------

Oh, and it's coming to tablets as well, so I guess that's a genuinely good thing. I mean, there was some tablet compatible fan project for Infinity Engine games way back, but the last time I tried it I couldn't get it to work, so now there will be, hopefully, a working method for that.