My dream about Donald Trump

This is a dream I had the last night. A real dream, very, very genuine one, not meant as a statement or anything like that. It was just a fun, odd little dream I had and thought I'd love to share.

There was a filming group at an old, abandoned amusement park. It looked like an old, ages ago abandoned gold mining town, with gray, derelict houses standing on timber beams. The reason why the group was there was to film a documentary about a bomb assassination attempt towards president of the United States, Donald Trump and that the amusement park was a place, which was almost a prefect replica of how the White House, where the bombing took place, looked like.

Donald Trump himself was also on location, watching the shooting. He himself was very different from what he really is. Every time he commented something he did that with a Texan redneck accent, even throwing in a couple of hee-haws now and then. He was enjoying the filming immensely, as all was just like he remembered, to last detail.

Then, just as the group is beginning to film the bit where it is shown how the president survived, Trump has an idea: he wants to act himself on the scene. See, it would be a funny one, as he survived by being in a toilet just the moment the bomb went off. He laughs and says it will be a great surprise for the viewers to see him dropping off his own bomb while the other goes off.

Everyone agrees, that it's a great idea, so Trump replaces the actor portraying him and hikes to the toilet, a gray looking building, standing on high timber feet. There he pulls down his pants and sits down on his throne of the day, chuckling to himself. He grabs a magazine from a rack and starts browsing it, just like he did back in the day the bombing happened.

Up in a control tower, the director is viewing an array of monitors. All is quiet on the set as the filming is on. The explosion is going to happen soon. The countdown begins, but on zero nothing happens. The bomb doesn't go off and everyone is annoyed a bit, expect for Trump who finds it all pretty hilarious. He hee-haw laughs and beats his naked knee with his palm.

And then there's a sudden rumble.

The toilet Trump was in collapses to the ground. The filming group runs to help the president, but he's unharmed, laying in the middle of the rubble, laughing merrily. "It was only wood," he exclaims, laughing on and pushing boards off himself.

Later on the documentary of a making of the documentary, the director says, that in the end he was happy how it all went down, as it made his documentary a lot better than he originally envisioned. And that in the end no one was harmed, not even the president.

And that was the dream I saw.