Back to the Wasteland

 Wasteland 2 was on okay game. It has its fair share of faults, like the latter half of the game that just didn't click with me and the writing was at times trying a bit too hard to be hard core and the combat was fairly simplistic, despite it was aiming to be strategic. But over all it was a decent game. This is not a W2 review though. This is about Wasteland 3.

Indeed, Wasteland 3, which has just gotten its own crowdfunding campaign through FIG.CO, which is a site Brian Fargo, the head of inXile is a part of. So yes, Wasteland 3 is now officially being funded through crowdfunding, despite inXile did do well with. But that's not surprising, as Fargo has fallen in love with the crowdfunding method and I can't really blame him for that.

inXile's idea this time around is to gather a part of the money needed for Wasteland 3. They don't aim to get all, as they're also planning to use the money in their own coffers in order to fully finance it. So they are looking for 2.7 million dollars this time around and they are already on a good start with 2.2 million gathered. Also, through FIG you can, if you want, invest the money instead of just pledging in order to get the game and some extra loot.

At first I was a bit skeptical about FIG, but in the end I did end up backing inXile through it. I was thinking about accountability and the platform keeping tabs on the projects like what Kickstarter promises to do, but in the end, I really haven't seen anything like that from Kickstarter, as one project I've backed where the creator just stopped updating  was done nothing by Kickstarter despite people complained about it. So in the end it's about how much you trust the people who are doing the campaign.

So do I trust inXile? Yes. They've already delivered one game, Wasteland 2, Torment is currently in early access and looks very good and Bards Tale IV is going forward. So at least for now, I trust them. 

So, if you're interested, head on to the Wasteland 3 campaign in order to see their cheesy pitch video and some conceptual shots of frozen wastelands.