Star Citizen 2.4

The 2.4 update dropped for Star Citizen recently, and the big question is, does this make the game good for players not interested in stress testing an alpha product? Short answer, no. It's still just as wonky as ever, with a lot of lag in the universe and loads of bugs all around.

So, what does 2.4 add to the game, I hear you ask. Well, besides a load of under the hood work that isn't necessarily visible for players, the biggest thing it adds is stores. Yes indeed, in game stores, where you can, with in-game earnable currency, buy cosmetic items like clothes as well as space suits and weapons.

Now Star Citizen offers the following: arena combat, pretty chat room, a testing bed for missions and a male barbie dress up.  I know there's hardcore Star Citizen fans out there, who act like these are the most awesome things ever, but what it all comes down to is, that it still is a heavy work in progress.  It's slowly going somewhere, but it still is anyone's guess if it will actually turn out to be a fun game.

If you're considering getting Star Citizen now as a game to play, I'd still advise against it. If you're interested in seeing a heavy work in progress, that keeps changing a bit from iteration to iteration, go ahead and get it.  But be advised, it still isn't a fully functioning game.