The Poisoned Pawn, Tex Murphy: Overseer remastered

If you've ever played 90's FMV games, you'll probably know of Tex Murphy, one of the few series that got FMV right. From Under the Killing Moon onwards, the games were a combination of 1st person real-time 3D environments and humour laced FMV cutscenes, that were used provide the narrative on the twists and turns of the cases of P.I. Murphy.

A couple of years ago the series got a continuation in the form of Tesla Effect, which completed the story started 16 years earlier in Overseer. And now, drum roll, Overseer is getting an overhaul with newly done 3D environments and remastered FMV scenes.

The project is called The Poisoned Pawn and it started as a fan-driven project, but as Chris Jones and the Big Finish Games fully endorse it, they've been able to plan for expanded content and the original Tex Murphy, Chris Jones is coming back for some new lines as well.

All in all, the project is looking pretty promising.

Here's a trailer for the project: