Some thoughts about the hatred of new Ghostbusters

The new team ain't afraid of no ghosts
I've always found it a bit amusing how strongly some people feel about popular culture. Like, a couple of days ago, when the new Ghostbusters trailer was released. I didn't like it, as I didn't find it funny and that's pretty much it. But for some people, there's way more to it than just a not so great trailer. For some people, it seems to be a matter of life and/or death.

Now, I love the first Ghostbusters movie. I consider it still to be among the best of its kind and what I consider it to be is well made special effects comedy about 4 men chasing ghosts. The sequel was okay, but it's clearly a lesser movie, which just proves how difficult making something like the first Ghostbusters movie is: not even the same team that made the original managed to capture the lighting in the bottle the second time. I'm not angry about that, despite GB2 isn't a super good movie.

But when it comes to the trailer of the new Ghostbusters movie, done by an entirely different people from the previous two, it seems like a lot of people, or a very loud vocal minority at least, seem to be going ballistic. They act like the director Paul Feig came to their house, punched them in the face, pissed in their morning cereals and lit the house on fire while grandma was sleeping in the bedroom. And all that just because someone did a movie they might not like.

I have no way of knowing if the new Ghostbusters movie will be good, bad or mediocre. I have an inkling, based on the trailer, that it won't be my cup of tea, but I don't feel like spending hours on end in forums wrapped in either serious or just for laughs hate. I mean bad movies happen, but I won't lose my nights sleep because of that.

It was the same thing I wondered the last time when Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull came out. Some people just loathed the movie. Now, I didn't think it was a masterpiece and it had stuff in it I would have done differently, but at the same time I thought it was fun for what it was: a pulp serial action adventure, just like the previous three movies were. I never felt like Spielberg was raping my childhood with it, despite I've been watching those movies since I was a kid.

I don't know if those people are doing it just for the laughs or if they're trying to fill some sort of void inside of them. Or if they're just overcompensating their love of fiction because they're unhappy with their real existence. But I do find their behaviour interesting, funny and a bit sad at the same time.

And even if the new movie ends up sucking, this one won't be going anywhere.