Selling dreams in Star citizen

It is always interesting to follow discussions around Star citizen. In fact, I'd go even as far that the community discussions about the crowdfunding Juggernaut are more interesting that the very early pre-alpha test demo you'll get to play with if you throw CIG a couple of bucks.

One of the most interesting points of the discussion revolves around digital ship sales. If you aren't aware, a huge bulk of the over 100 million the game has gathered doesn't come from sold game units, it comes from sold digital ships that are prized from 30 dollars to thousands of dollars. And some people have even spent tens of thousands in order to collect them all. Now let that idea sink in for a moment: tens of thousands of dollars for a game that is barely in alpha condition and doesn't really do anything particularly amazing at the moment.

There's a whole lot of people for whom the game at the moment really isn't about space simulation. For them, it's really about spending money on the virtual property because they have faith in promises despite those promises have constantly been a bit under delivered. They still believe in the project and have an endless supply of faith, no matter how many times Roberts and CIG have missed deadlines and promises of delivered content.

If there's something Chris Roberts and CIG have been good at, it has been selling a dream. They've managed to sell a dream of a superior virtual experience, yet the things they've managed to push out right now are very far from being any of that.  And then there's S42, the single-player campaign promised to come out this year. Considering CIG track record on promises, and the technical state of the multiplayer side of thing, I won't BE surprised if and when they push that to 2017.

So, if you are interested in plunging in Star citizen, take heed. It isn't something that will be done soon. Nothing about it really excels at anything yet, though it might at some point. As for now, I'd say it has a bigger chance of failing than succeeding.

But in any case, it will be interesting to see if it'll work out or not.