The X-Files is back

 If you've not lived under a rock, you might be aware that the X-Files is back in a TV-series form. While it's limited run, for now, it's still good to see agents Mulder and Scully back.

I must admit, that I was sceptical. It's been a while since the ending of the series and the previous movie, I Want To Believe wasn't anything special. It wasn't horribly bad, but at the same time, it made me feel that maybe the time had passed for FBI paranormal investigators. But, happily enough, the first two episodes proved me wrong.

While the characters have are both, the same and different thanks to the passage of time, the series still does work. At its heart the original series was always a decent mix of paranormal things, aliens, horror, thrills and what not and based on a couple of first episodes, the formula still works.

The first episode My Struggle starts spinning its tale starting from the UFO crash at Roswell. In it, we get back to the conspiracy for world dominations, but we also learn, that it's not aliens, it's humans using alien technology. In the second episode, we get to see something similarly familiar in a form an alien/human hybrid, who can mentally control people. It all is very familiar and personally, I thought it all also is very appealing.

As far rewarmed TV-shows go, the new X-Files was a pleasant surprise. It could have all gone horribly wrong, but from the looks of it, Chris Carter has managed to steer things in the right direction. Hopefully, the rest of the series manages to be as good as the first episodes. And hopefully, this won't be left as the last dish. This is definitely something I could watch more of.

Now, if only, GOG, or anyone else for the matter, could get that X-Files FMV game from the 90's re-released.