World of Warcraft, the tedium

As World of Warcraft is finally getting the movie adaptation people have been talking about for ages, I finally decided to do something I haven't done before: install WoW and see what it really is all about. See, during its whole existence I really haven't played it nor have even watched it being played. I've tried other MMORPG, but not Warcraft. So, I guess it's the first time for everything.

I don't really know what I was expecting. All in all, as a game, WoW feels very bland. Like it's been chewed into a fine pulp which is easy to swallow but isn't really anything that spectacular despite what people would say.

Though then again, maybe it's just the problem with all MMORPG's. Maybe they all just suck hard during their first couple of hours. In fact, I've liked the opening for only one MMORPG in my life and that was Age of Conan. I just stopped playing it, as after the fantastic opening I was thrown in the world with the rest of the real players and they kept slaughtering me so hard, that it just wasn't fun after that. Balance is a difficult thing.

So, as it is the case in all MMORPG's the first step is to create a virtual character as your image. Or just randomly pick one, like I did, purely based on what you think looks the coolest at the moment. So I decided to go with blue-skinned, seemingly tentacle-faced Draenei, because, you know, hooves and all.
My first WoW character. Did I err?

The beginning itself after the character creation is just as unimaginative and mindless as most other games of its kind: you learn the ropes by doing fetch quests and slaughter a certain amount of enemies and in general, run back and worth different points of interest in the starting area. It all is just as boring as you'd imagine. It's a tedious way to get to know the world and after I got to level 7, which was relatively fast, I realized I still have 13 more levels to grind before the free trial is over. But maybe WoW actually does turn to be more interesting.

Running around seems to make a good bulk of the gameplay

Oh boy. My next assignment is to kill crabs at a beach in order to get some meat. Jesus wept.

At this point, I could say, that I actually do like how WoW looks. And the music isn't half bad either. And to my knowledge, it also has a shit ton of content. It's been around for over a decade now and during that time it has gotten overhauls and expansions like no other game before it. But the gameplay just sucks. The worst thing about it is the combat systems,
which you'd think would be fine-tuned as hell in a game like this. But no. Or maybe yes. Depends on how you look at it probably.

What the combat in WoW boils down to is, that you click an enemy and then you press the special move/spell whatever button and stare at your guy and the enemy slaps each other for a moment and then the other dies. It's not involving or interesting. It's probably toned to the state of easiness it is now during all those years of its existence in order to make people not that good at combat more comfortable. But be it however it might be, it's just not a fun system.
Mighty battle, of which stories are told to generations to come, ensuring at the beach

But let's pull back for a moment. Maybe this all is because I made a mistake. A mistake in character creation.  WoW has so many races, that some of them are bound to be more boring than the others, right? Surely there are creatures there that won't start the game by killing random root thingies and woodland creatures for dinner.

So just to be fair, I'm going to create an another character of an entirely different race. WoW, don't fail me now.